The best direction for VR industry investment

2019-07-01 10:25

VR as a new high-tech technology, from the beginning to the present, has been widely concerned, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Qualcomm and other global enterprises have entered the VR industry, and in the establishment of VR industry standardization has achieved certain results. The VR industry's huge market potential attracts a lot of people and enterprises to invest in the franchise, if you want to invest in VR, it is very important to find the right investment direction. So what is the direction of VR investment?

Let's take a look.

First, the first investment direction is VR platform Under the current industrial landscape, IP conversion, games, content payment, secondary culture, VR applications, blockchain-related projects will become the media industry investment hot spot. VR applications are also VR platforms that lead the way and drive innovation, and a platform with strong content distribution capabilities will be successful in this area.

Powerful VR platform can be used through technology to integrate VR into people's life areas, such as VR education, VR training, VR office, VR room, VR shopping and so on, there is potential platform, such as dimensional panorama, can be investigated investment cooperation.

Second, the second investment direction is VR content Today, VR technology has been deeply integrated into different industries, such as manufacturing, cultural and entertainment, science and technology education, health care, data show that in the next five years, VR marketing market growth rate will exceed 120%, VR panoramic advertising, auto show VR experience, VR brand promotion, VR brand promotion, VR brand marketing will bring new power to enterprise marketing. In the next few years, VR Panorama will be widely used in education and training, health care, gaming and entertainment, social networking, film and television animation, digital tourism, digital media, real estate sales and other fields.

Therefore, the development prospects of VR content market is very broad, if you want to invest in cooperative VR individuals or enterprises have to find out whether you invest in the cooperation of the enterprise has VR technology team, whether it has the strength to develop VR creative content. The future VR technology has a very broad use prospects, has been used in all walks of life, VR will change our way of life, how to seize VR investment point is not as simple as imagined, from the current market, user demand is the fundamental, platform and content is the best direction of VR investment, Friends who have the intention to invest in this area can refer to it.

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