CCTV News Client Launches VR Channel

2019-07-01 09:35


On the same day, CCTV News Also launched a heavy-weight report on the VR documentary "Kunqu Nirvana", China's first world non-relicn Kunqu virtual reality documentary. At that time, netizens will be through VR "in person" Jiangnan Water Tower to enjoy Kunqu drama, see the purple and red open all over, listen to the sorrow and joy as smoke, and will see the senior Kunqu inheritorthroughda through time and space of the present-day dialogue.


In the "VR" channel, the vast number of netizens can also see the panoramic mode open in the snow classical Beijing, in the VR perspective across the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, and will follow the air force "gods and soldiers skyfall", or let themselves "in the field", near the remnants of the Syrian millennium temple.

CCTV news client will continue to upgrade the "biography" media channel, the UI design of the transfer record is more perfect, the new version of the "calendar" will be unveiled, the channel's user reading, retrieval and other experience will be further enhanced.

In addition, CCTV news client will also launch the "Rolling" channel, the first time to broadcast and set the CCTV news channel "News Room" video coverage. All-media, new era! CCTV news client in the media integration road to continue to follow the wind.

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