Dimensional panoramic industry interpretation: VR

2019-07-01 09:19

VR immersive experiences are the best solution for students when they want to learn about the new school environment in advance, and when teachers want to preach in a more vivid and creative way. In the VR world, users can get the information they want more precisely, observe more detail, interact with others in real time, and be more impressed with what they see and experience.



VR Science Goes To Campus

Nanchang VR/AR Science and Technology Museum has held a "VR/AR Science and Technology Museum" series of activities. The whole activity consists of "The Destruction of Yuanmingyuan" teaching, VR psychological education, VR space system, traffic safety publicity VR "Security Education Digital Experience Hall", red education, "Red Valley World" and other six parts. Through a series of popular science knowledge, so that students understand what VR/AR is, when the textbook knowledge meets VR, can produce what kind of "spark", but also for space knowledge and red education also have a better understanding.



VR Experience s/I Antiquities Repair

Recently, Qingdao City Museum will send traditional culture into the campus elective classroom, for students to bring a dazzling "Qingdao History" VR technology experience and "ancient restoration and framing" fun course. Preaching teachers through a piece of the collection of cultural relics, the history of Qingdao will be displayed in front of the students, from the life of The East Yi people to Qingdao system, but also let everyone have a more comprehensive understanding of the hometown.

The end of the explanation, combined with the history of Qingdao launched the "Bihai Sail Seby Sea Silk Road" VR experience is to earn everyone's eyeballs. In addition to experiencing the dazzling high-tech, elective courses also let students live experience of the "restoration and framing of ancient books."


dimensional VR panoramic interactive roaming system

Dimensional panorama provides industry solutions for the education industry, with digitally perfectly realistic campus and historical and cultural scenes implanted in the scene, where 3D rings enable the display of cultural relics at 360 degrees, creating immersive interactive scenes for the field of education. The dimensional VR panoramic roaming system is a domestic unique advantage of the panoramic and virtual reality service platform system built by dimensional technology (Fujian) Co., Ltd. using 3D panoramic technology and virtual reality (VR) technology.

Dimensional self-development of dozens of innovative features, can quickly build a panoramic VR roaming display platform, rich plug-in features to meet personalized needs, support the stand-alone APP public number. At the same time, the dimensional VR panoramic roaming interactive system can be widely used in a variety of industries: such as smart business, e-commerce, real estate, tourism, education, exhibition, corporate publicity and other fields.

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