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You will see the scene as if you are on the scene, enjoying panoramic display

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With more than 10 industry plug-ins, more than 20 marketing plug-ins and over 40 VR panoramic interactive functions, we cater to user needs and provide them with different experiences

We provide a panoramic interactive system that integrates panoramic display, marketing transformation and online shopping

VR Panorama Shooting

We provide a stable VR panorama system containing powerful panoramic editor, aerial panoramic view, ground panorama, panoramic roaming production and panoramic marketing template to restore the real world to the Internet。

VR Video Creation

We provide VR video shooting using advanced technology and innovative idea, completely restoring the dynamic process of the real environment, to make the VR panoramic world more vivid and allow users experience the world on the Internet!

VRVR Panorama Marketing

We provide object VR, merchandise display, online trading, advertising module and other panoramic interactive functions. Over 50 plug-ins can be used to carry out the most innovative marketing activities, create excellent advantages of independent brands and maximize the benefits of partner advertising。

  • 4 Panorama Program
    Small program is not just used to display items. Instead, it is a complete e-commerce system with strong marketing power, dedicated to providing enterprises with a new application experience, one-click production of small programs and online payment binding function. It can meet the marketing needs of partners on the mobile end more conveniently and extensively。
  • 5 Program Template
    Seven program templates, including education, catering and other industries, can be added in the small program to be a personalized program, displaying items more conveniently and intuitively. Users will get a better consumer experience by using VR panorama。
  • 6 Smart City
    Smart City provides an efficient and stable “local physical store + VR panorama + Internet” new marketing method for merchants covering the whole country, and allowing consumers to experience smart mobile Internet life。
  • 7 Industry Solution
    For the online and offline display experience, we will launch specific industry solutions for key industries, including tourism, e-commerce, real estate, schools and other industries to achieve personalized display and impress customers。

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Platform Upgrade

Cater to customer needs in real time, improve platform functions, and regularly release update notification。

Operation & Promotion

Front-end page design, blind advertising, operation and promotion, third-party platform synchronization。

Free Training

Help partners and their users master VR panorama technology quickly。

Interactive Matric Module



  • Great Market Potential

    Applicable to all kinds of industry sectors, including government projects, tourist attractions, small restaurants, hotels, accommodations and art exhibitions, exhibitions, everything (covering real estate, tourism, industry exhibitions, hospitals, schools, enterprises, supermarkets, banks, etc.)。

  • Low Cost

    There is no need for a store. Only 1 person, 1 computer and a SLR camera (PTZ, lens, tripod) are required。

  • Short Production Cycle

    The production cycle of general panorama VR projects is between 3 to 5 days。

  • High Return Rate

    According to the local market situation and the industry needs, merchants can customize the price。


  • Government Service

    Visualization of government service scenes through panoramas, including government affairs guides, government affairs exhibitions, urban planning exhibitions, urban image publicity aerial photography and urban construction results reporting。

  • Industry Service

    Applicable to panoramic display of real estate, cars, travel, home, campus, museums, hotels, entertainment and shopping malls。

  • Enterprise Service

    The panoramic system can quickly post 3D images of the partner company to the Internet and WeChat. It can also highlight the strength of the company and promote sales conversion。

  • Entrepreneur Service

    The platform has a complete panoramic entrepreneurial system, which can provide partners with technical training, case output, and market guidance, allowing agents to quickly master the VR panorama。

Industry News

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    The VR industry's huge market potential attracts a lot of people and enterprises to invest in the franchise, if you want to invest in VR, it is very important to find the right investment direction. So what is the direction of VR investment? Let's take a look.

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  • AR/VR market to exceed $59.511 billion in 2022

    In a recent report on the global enhancement and virtual reality industry, Allied Market Research noted that the enhanced and virtual reality market will reach $59.511 billion by 2022, with a CAGR of 65.7 percent from 2016 to 2022.

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  • CCTV News Client Launches VR Channel

    In the CCTV news client "VR" channel, the vast number of netizens will be able to return to the current political news scene through a panoramic view, "VR panoramic! take you to the grass factory hutong" "VR panorama!" welcome ceremony on the "review desk perspective" to bring netizens different time and political news experience.

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  • Dimensional panoramic industry interpretation: VR

    Virtual reality is becoming a valuable tool in the field of campus and education.

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